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Standing Seam

This is the Rolls Royce of the Structuur product range. Standing Seam is a traditional profile that has literally weathered time, fashion and the elements, and continues to be a popular cladding option. Requiring specialised installation onto a ply substrate, this profile is available in single lock with a 9mm wide rib and double lock for high wind areas or where superior weather resistance is required which has a 2mm wide rib.

With the full spectrum of choice in colours and materials and installation horizontally, vertically or diagonally plus curved and tapered options, Standing Seam allows your architectural masterpiece to nestle into the unique hues and textures of the Tasmanian environment, or make a bold statement. This product is fully customisable, so ask us today how we can tweak it to match your unique vision.

  • Available with a rib height of 25mm or 38mm
  • Standard pan widths are 200mm, 300mm and 500mm
  • With our fully customisable options, pan widths between 200mm and 500mm can be supplied
  • Single lock Standing Seam offers a 9mm wide rib
  • Double lock Standing Seam offers a 2mm wide rib
  • For roof cladding a minimum pitch of 3 degrees is required
  • Panel lengths are limited only by transport requirements. Our machine can be mobilised to site to roll form longer panels. Call Structuur to discuss your requirements and options available.


  • Sleek appearance because corner sheets can be folded removing the need for a corner flashing
  • Clean appearance offered by the concealed fixings
  • Full customisation available by using any pan width giving Architects, Designers and building owners complete freedom
  • Available in all material types including Colorbond, Zincalume, Galvanised, Corten, Copper and Aluminium in a range of colours and textures
  • Horizontal, vertical or diagonal installation offers unrivalled design options
  • Suitable for roof and wall cladding installation
  • Curved panels can be produced down to a radius of 600mm
  • Tapered panels can be manufactured
  • Low risk of water ingress
  • Ventilated installation method allows building to breathe

Installation of Standing Seam roofing and facades is a specialised field that requires an experienced installer.

  • Roof and walls require battens at 600mm centres
  • Ply substrate is installed over battens:
    • 15mm CD Grade Structural Ply for wall cladding
    • 17mm CD Grade Structural Ply for roof cladding
  • Ply substrate wrapped in Breathable Vapour Permeable Membrane
  • Concealed stainless steel fixed and sliding are clips screwed to the ply substrate as sheets are laid
  • Mechanical seaming required to clamp the sheet to the clips
  • Flashings are best installed using concealed fixing methods to allow expansion and contraction of the entire roof/façade system
  • Flashings need to be installed allowing the roof/façade system to ventilate

To discuss your specific requirements and specific installation details, please contact Structuur on 0435 378 782.

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