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As the name suggests, this profile snaps easily together without the need for specialised tools or skills. It has the same, linear aesthetic as the Nailstrip profile, the vertical lines reminiscent of the stands of Tasmania’s soaring old-growth trees. The product is extremely user friendly, but with all the benefits that come with precision designed architectural cladding.

Snaplock has concealed fixtures, is suitable for roof and walls, has a wider rib than the Standing Seam profile, subtly curved edges, and is available in all metals. Ask us how we can customise this product to your specific needs.

  • Available with a rib height of 25mm or 38mm
  • Standard pan widths in a 25mm rib height are 220mm (225mm cover), 320mm (325mm cover), and 420mm (425mm cover)
  • Standard pan widths in a 38mm rib height are 180mm (185mm cover), 280mm (285mm cover), 380mm (385mm cover) and 480mm (485mm cover)
  • With our fully customisable options, pan widths between 200mm and 600mm can be supplied
  • For roof cladding a minimum pitch of 3 degrees is required
  • Minimum panel length of 700mm
  • Maximum panel lengths are limited only by transport requirements. Our machine can be mobilised to site to roll form longer panels. Call Structuur to discuss your requirements and options available.


  • Thin vertical ribs provide a contemporary look
  • Offers the same thin rib profile as Nailstrip
  • Unlike Nailstrip, Snaplock is available in a Corten rusting steel finish
  • Another advantage Snaplock has over Nailstrip is that it's available in lengths limited only by transport restrictions. Additionally, our machine can be transported to site and run continuous lengths if required
  • Simple installation method with no joining or seaming tools required
  • Clean appearance offered by the concealed fixings
  • Full customisation available using any pan width giving Architects, Designers and owners complete freedom
  • Available in all material types including Colorbond, Zincalume, Galvanised Corten and Aluminium
  • Vertical or diagonal installation offers unrivalled design options

Installation of Structuur Snaplock is able to be completed by people with a basic background in the construction field and the ability to install flashings.

  • Wall applications for a sheet pan width upto 300mm require battens at 600mm centres. Pan widths above 300mm require a 15mm CD Grade Structural Ply substrate
  • Roof applications for a sheet pan width upto 300mm require battens at 450mm centres. Pan widths above 300mm require a 17mm CD Grade Structural Ply substrate
  • Frame or ply substrate shall be wrapped in a Breathable Vapour Permeable Membrane as per Structuur's Technical & Installation Manual
  • As sheets are laid, concealed clips are screwed to each batten or to the ply substrate which hook over the underlap of the sheet with the next sheet snapped onto the underlap and clip of the preceeding

Installation requirements may differ based on the material being used. Generally the Snaplock profile in Zintek, VM Zinc and Aluminium finishes will require a ply substrate regardless of the pan width specified.

To discuss your specific requirements and specific installation details, please contact Structuur on 0435 378 782.

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