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Interlocking Panel

Structuur’s linear characteristic is given a twist in the Interlocking Panel profile. Instead of fins joining each panel, this profile includes deep grooves that present an overall more sleek, flat and flush aesthetic. With the right colour and metal texture, the panels can resemble timber lining, the expressed joints creating a dramatic shadow effect. Interlocking Panel can be installed horizontally as well as vertically, for walls only. There are many ways this product can be customised to suit your unique requirements.

  • An expressed joint depth of 20mm (Panel once installed has an overall depth of approximately 25mm)
  • Available with an expressed joint width of between 10mm-20mm
  • Standard tray widths with a 10mm expressed joint width are: 190mm (200mm Cover), 290mm (300mm Cover), & 390mm (400mm Cover)
  • Standard tray widths with a 15mm expressed joint width are: 185mm (200mm Cover), 285mm (300mm Cover), & 385mm (400mm Cover)
  • Standard tray widths with a 20mm expressed joint width are: 180mm (200mm Cover), 280mm (300mm Cover), & 380mm (400mm Cover)
  • With our fully customisable options, tray widths between 100mm & 475mm can be supplied including variable width sheet arrangements
  • Panel lengths are limited to a maximum of 6 meters due to expansion & contraction with a minimum panel length of 600mm
  • Installation as a wall cladding only
  • Simple installation method with no joining or seaming tools required
  • Clean appearance offered by all fixings being concealed
  • Full customisation available by using any pan width giving Architects , Designers and Building owners complete freedom
  • Available in all material types including Colorbond, Copper, Zincalume, Corten, Galvanised and Aluminium in a range of colours and textures
  • Horizontally, vertically or diagonal installation to offer unrivalled design options

Installation of the Structuur Interlocking Panel is able to be completed by people with a basic background in the construction field and the ability to install flashings

  • Requires battens at 900mm centres for a tray width upto 350mm & 600mm batten centres for a tray width between 350mm to 485mm
  • Interlocking Panel sheets are laid and fixed through the grooved flange with flat head screws directly onto the batten
  • The next panel is inserted into the groove of the preceding sheet

Installation requirements may differ based on the material being used. Generally the Interlocking Panel profile in Zintek, VM Zinc and Aluminium finishes will require a ply substrate regardless of the pan width specified.

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